How the Choose the Right STIHL Trimmer

How the Choose the Right STIHL Trimmer

So you’ve finished mowing the lawn for the first time this season with your walk behind mower or riding mower and notice that around your trees, fences and other obstacles, that there are weeds & grass still standing tall. STIHL’s Trimmers will become those dandelions worst nightmare this summer. Packed with tons of great features & incredible spring specials, STIHL has only made the number one selling line of trimmers even better this year. From the new FS94R professional brushcutter to the lower price of the residential trimmer FS38, we have the STIHL tools you need to get the job done this year. But before deciding on a specific model, here are some things to consider:

Curved Shaft



  • Lighter in weight
  • More affordable
  • Limited cutting applications (Linehead or Polycut)
  • Not ideal for prolonged or heavy usage

Smaller curved shaft units are the entry level units produced by STIHL. They are available in ‘corded’ electric, lithium-ion battery or 2 cycle gasoline powered. These light weight tools are balanced very nicely and many have a range of features from the AutoCut Easy loading line-head to the STIHL Easy2Start system that will make starting a breeze. Match this with Stihl’s Anti-vibration system, and you have a fantastic grass trimmer for around your house. Have an electrical socket nearby and can reach your whole yard with an extension cord? STIHL’s FSE60 electric trimmer would be a great way for you to not have to worry about gas/oil mixing. Even if you can’t reach everywhere with the corded machine but still want an electric model, STIHL has one just right for you. The FSA65 & FSA85 are the STIHL Lithium Ion trimmers that make up the trimmer portion of the entire series of battery powered tools.


Straight Shaft (Non-Pro Series)

  • Most models are able to use the grass cutting blades
  • Longer reach, more comfortable for taller users
  • Can accommodate heavy, prolonged usage
  • Able to trim easily under objects, such as benches, picnic
  • Easier for edging

You might not be in the market for a Professional series trimmer, but need more than the curve shafts can deliver. Maybe you want to add a grass blade or be able to do more work with the tool. The straight shaft machines are a great comfortable trimmer for a taller person, all while expanding the applications this unit works with to include edging with the trimmer line & getting under hard to reach places with the cutting attachments.



Whether you want to trim lawn edges, sweep open spaces, cut hedges or blow leaves, wherever there is something to be done, you can do it all with just one machine. The practical quick-release coupling lets you change the KombiTool in next to no time, without needing additional tools, and you can start work right away. There are 4 different power heads available ranging from a home owner type machine up to a full commercial machine, which is designed for heavier, prolonged use. With 12+ attachment options available, we are sure that you’ll find many uses for your Kombi-System tools. Be sure to see our Kombi-System display in our showroom.

Straight Shaft Brushcutters (Professional Series)

Maybe you are a commercial contractor or own a very large property or farm. STIHL’s Professional Brushcutters come standard with a quality linehead & have the ability to add cutting attachment on to them. The FS90(R), 100RX, 110(R) & 130(R) are all available with 4-mix 2-cycle engines, while the FS94(R) is our newest commercial brushcutter with STIHL’s new Stratified Charged engine. These units are designed to limit emissions & improve fuel economy, all while giving you the most power available from a STIHL. These are just a few of the professional series tools available from STIHL.

See the entire STIHL lineup of trimmers & brushcutters at & in store in our showroom. Our friendly sales team will be glad to help you find the right tool to suit your needs. And with the purchase of a STIHL product, you can work hard assured that we will stand behind the product and provide warranty coverage, parts, advice, service & maintenance from factory trained technicians. As always, we recommend always using STIHL’s 2-cycle mix oil or STIHL’s MotoMix pre-mixed fuel & that you read and follow all the directions in the operators manual.

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