How to Choose the Right Walk-Behind Mower

How to Choose the Right Walk-Behind Mower

We know that you need the right machine in order to keep your lawn looking great & healthy. A great landscape is one to be proud of. We know there are many different features & options available when deciding on a walk behind mower and that it can feel overwhelming if you don’t understand how these features can benefit you. To assist you in this search, I have put together this guide of things to consider when shopping for a mower. As always, you can contact us or visit our store and we’ll be glad to give you advice & show you the many models that we carry in stock!

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Mower

  • Size of your yard

  • Who will use the mower

  • Steel, Aluminum or Polymer deck?

  • Gasoline or Electric Powered?

  • What features do I need? Self Propelled?


Electric Mowers:

We proudly carry the STIHL Lithium-Ion products. To go alongside the trimmers, blowers & chainsaws that STIHL offers, they have introduced the RMA370 Electric Lawnmower. This compact lawnmower has a 14.5 inch cutting width and weighs under 29 Ibs even with the battery in it. One of the features of the STIHL Lithium-Ion series is that the batteries are interchangeable. Which means if you purchase the AP180 battery with your RMA370, it will work in any of the other tools that STIHL has. There are many new products in the Lithium-Ion series that are set to be introduced in the next few years. We also carry the Toro 36V electric mower. This is a fantastic unit for someone who isn't looking to have the versatility of the STIHL lithium-ion system, but wants a bigger cutting width at 20 inches.

Gasoline Mowers:

Cub Cadet has gasoline 21″ mowers that have Cub Cadet engines on them. Toro has gasoline 22″ mowers that have Toro, Kohler & Briggs & Stratton engines on them. These combinations enable you to have the power you need to get through heavier grass and be able to bag, mulch or side-discharge with ease. Toro also offers Kawasaki & Honda engines on it’s Super Recycler & Commercial series mowers. Each brand also has models that have electric start features with push button activation so you won’t have to pull the recoil to start the machine.


Deck Material:

Cub Cadet & Toro both have residential mowers that have steel decks. These solid decks will provide you with a strong machine that can handle terrain with ease. The Super Recycler series from Toro has an aluminum deck, which is rust resistant. This will extend the life of your machine and is a premium feature available on those models. The STIHL Lithium Ion machine of course is the lightest on the market. It’s polymer body keeps the weight down, but doesn’t give up strength in the process.



Bag? Mulch? Side Discharge?:


Many of our units are available in 3-N-1. The Toro Recyclers are best known for their excellent mulching features. With it’s specially designed Recycler blade, it is able to cut each piece twice to create smaller clippings & have the clippings break down faster to provide more nutrients to your lawn. As local waste collectors are stopping their collection of grass clippings, we are seeing more people switch to mulching. Cub Cadet & Toro both have models that are excellent at any of the applications you should decide to use it for.


Self Propelled

Toro’s Personal Pace has been a popular feature on the Recycler & Super Recycler mowers for many years. This allows the unit to adjust to your walking speed so that you don’t feel like the unit is pulling you, or that you are pushing all of it’s weight. For this year, Cub Cadet has introduced the MySpeed technology that also provides this same comfort, but with a new ergonomic style of handle that will provide you with extra comfort during your yard work.

There are many different features available in the walk behind mowers that we carry. From ‘Blade Brake Control’ to units with Electric Start & Caster front wheels, we have the mower that will perfectly suit you & your application. If it’s time for you to shop for a new mower, our sales team will be glad to assist you in finding one for you. Be sure to stop by and see our wide selection!

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