5 Reasons to Buy From a Local Servicing Dealer

You can get some outdoor power equipment from Big Box Stores, but you can’t find machines like the STIHL outdoor power equipment or the Cub Cadet Z-Force-S mowers in any box store. We believe in supporting local economies and, more importantly, supporting you. When you purchase from a local servicing dealer, you are given extra care & the relationship continues for years to come. Independent servicing dealers provide a level of knowledge and service and community support those other stores just can’t match.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy from a local servicing dealer:

Dealers are outdoor equipment specialists

We are dedicated to knowing your equipment and certified in that knowledge. You won’t find that at big-box stores, where the person selling you power tools may have little to no knowledge about your equipment. Our sales team are specialists when it comes to outdoor power equipment & go through manufacturer training each year to become familiar with new features & products of everything we sell.

Dealers can offer advice in choosing the right products for your needs

We have a great selection of tools for residential/homeowner use, all the way to full commercial & farm application tools. And we know exactly what applications each product is suited for and can help you choose the right equipment for your needs. But excellent service doesn’t stop at the purchase. Our friendly sales team will also give you a full safety demonstration & show you the operating procedures of your new tool so that you can use the machine safely and to it’s full capabilities. We also carry a full line of safety apparel & accessories that we recommend to protect you & help get the job done more efficiently.

Your local dealer services what they sell

Big box stores want to sell you their tools, but don’t have staff to maintain or repair them. When their tools break, you are often left with the decision whether to replace it, or ship it to the manufacturer directly & pay for shipping. Buying from your local dealer means that if it needs repair, you just bring it back to where you purchased it from. No jumping through hoops.

Your local dealer has factory trained technicians

Nobody knows your machine better than our technicians. Each year they go through factory certified training to be more familiar on how to diagnose & repair every machine we sell so that you don’t have to worry. Our staff doesn’t use knockoff parts. We strive to use genuine OEM parts to ensure that your machine retains the quality & craftsmanship of the manufacturer.

At your local dealer, customer service is personal

Local dealers are independent businesses that support & are supported by the local community. We don’t just sell products, but we build relationships. We strive to provide the best consumer experience possible. We will work hard to answer any questions you might have. Our goal is to have you as a customer for life.

We hope to see you soon & look forward to providing you with premium quality products & the best service around.