Father’s Day Gift Guide

Dads work hard all year long.  He works, works some more, then comes home and works around the house on the weekend. For my dad, like so many dads out there, a necktie falls pretty flat at the gift-giving ceremony. So why not get Dad a machine that will work as hard as he does? STIHL & Cub Cadet both offer high quality, highly powerful tools that will last for many years to come.

But you might not know what to get the Dad who has it all. So here are some ideas from our Philbrick Farm & Garden Equipment Father’s Day Gift Guide!


What says love better than a chain saw? With STIHL chainsaws, you can get him a high quality saw that packs a serious punch.  These units are very powerful, but also have wonderful features to get the job done quicker and with ease. Why not consider the STIHL MS 251C-BE? With the tool-less chain adjuster & Easy2Start™ system, he’ll be spending less time trying to start the unit and more time cutting. This particular model is currently on sale at a fantastic price.



Dad will become a dandelions worst enemy. STIHL offers entry level home-owner curved shaft trimmers all the way up to commercial straight shaft trimmers with brush-cutting features.  Why not consider the STIHL FS56-RC? This straight shaft trimmer is a fantastic residential trimmer that features an easy loading line head (Autocut C 5-2) and STIHL’s Easy2Start™ system. Combined with plenty of power, this unit is not only easy to use to keep your grass under control, but can be used with the Poly-Cut & grass blade systems as well. This particular model is currently on sale at a fantastic price.


Tell them that their time is important – if they aren’t mixing fuel and oil, there’s more time to spend with you. Ethanol-free fuel that is available pre-mixed for 2 cycle machines & straight gasoline for 4 cycle machines. This fuel has a 2 year shelf life & has stabilizer already added. This can help prevent costly fuel related issues when stored in the machine.


Take care of Dad while he takes care of the landscaping. Some protective gloves, chaps/pants & hearing protection can keep him safe while he is out working hard. Dad can also look good in some of the latest STIHL apparel & protective eyewear. Many power tools have risks & require caution during use, so we recommend he consult the owners manual before operating.

One great package that we have on special is the Woodcutters Safety Kit. This includes a pair of 2600 STIHL Cutting Chaps, a B-System Helmet with Hearing Protection & STIHL “Smoke” Safety Glasses. This kit is now available at an incredible sale price! Stop by our showroom to see this and all the other safety apparel we have.



You may be familiar with lawn tractors but not with zero-turn mowers. A Cub Cadet exclusive is the RZT-S & Z Force S zero turns that are operated by a steering wheel. They are the only machines of their kind that are available anywhere. A time-saving, well-made zero-turn can be had for $2,500 to $3,500 these days. Wait … that’s a pretty expensive Father’s Day gift, right?! Well, if that’s the case, get together with other family members and go in on it together. Dad will totally thank you, especially as he gets older and things like speed and comfort become more important to him when doing yard work.

And don’t forget. Buying local is important not only to ensure the best service for Dad and all of his outdoor power tools, but it is good for the local community. So treat Dad to dinner at his favorite local restaurant, shop at his favorite local stores and be sure to stop by his favorite local servicing STIHL dealer.