How to Choose the Right Cub Cadet Riding Mower

There are many models of Cub Cadet riding mowers to consider when shopping for a rider.The first choice you will probably consider is between a walk-behind mower and a lawn tractor. Typically walk-behinds are best if you have less than one-half acre. If your yard is an acre or larger, you should consider a riding lawn tractor or zero-turn mower.  Which size is right for my needs? What other features are important to my needs?


Types of Riding Mowers

Lawn tractors are designed for grass cutting and light-duty chores. First time buyers usually choose lawn tractors. Garden tractors are a step up from lawn tractors because they are more of a workhorse and offer more versatility when it comes to other lawn chores.

Zero-turn riders are ideal for home owners looking to cut a large yard in less time. They easily maneuver around obstacles and are ideal for large, mostly-flat yards. They usually feature rear-mounted engines and the option for a steering wheel or lap bars for steering.

If you have a yard that is approx 1 acre, than you might consider the new RZT-S Zero. This is the world’s first electric zero turn. You can find out more about the RZT-S Zero by clicking HERE, or stop by & we can let you take one on a test drive at our shop. You will be amazed at how quiet this mower is and the fact that you’ll never have to worry about gas, oil or belts again is a pretty good bonus too.

Cub Cadet riding mower deck sizes range from 42″ to 60″, and the correct deck size greatly depends on the amount of lawn to be mowed. The information below will help you choose the right deck size for your needs.


Riding Mower Deck Size


1/2 – 1 Acre The 42″ deck would be appropriate
1 – 2 Acres The 42″ or 46″ deck would be sufficient
2 – 3 Acres The 46″, 50″ or 54″ deck would get the job done quicker
Larger than 3 Acres The 54″ or 60″ deck would get the job done quickest

Terrain & Versatility:

Different machines are best suited for different layouts and terrains that you may have in your yard. If you have a relatively flat landscape with few obstacles, a lawn tractor or lap-bar zero turn may be ideal for your application. Some areas that have larger hills and lots of trees & obstacles may be better suited with a steering wheel controlled zero turn. These machines have the maneuverability of a zero turn with the added bonus of steering wheel control. This allows you to have all four wheels steering when on hills as opposed to caster wheels that potentially could negatively affect your cut. Another feature that is available on select Garden Tractors & Z-Force Zero Turns is the fabricated deck. This deck is not stamped out of tin steel, but welded out of thicker gauge steel that will outlast and outperform in the roughest terrains.


Not all riding mowers accept attachments. For mowers that do, the attachments vary depending on the model. Generally garden tractors and zero-turn tractors accept more attachments than lawn tractors. Attachments range from snow blades and snow throwers to dump carts, rollers and more. Determining your property needs will help you to choose which attachments and which model is right for you.

As you can see, Cub Cadet makes many models for various applications. Our friendly sales team will gladly answer your questions & recommend the right machine for your yard. A Cub Cadet machine will keep your yard looking great for years to come, and our dealership will stand behind the products we sell with full warranty support & maintenance/repair services. As always, we offer free setup/assembly & local delivery when you purchase your new machine. You can see the features & compare the full line of Cub Cadet machines