STIHL Trimmer Line & Cutting Tools

We are proud to carry STIHL outdoor power equipment and their full line up of powerful grass trimmers. Did you know that we carry STIHL premium quality trimmer line?

In fact, almost all STIHL trimmer line is made with pride in America at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach, VA. With a custom blend of polymers, they produce many different types of trimmer line, each designed for a different type of cutting application.

Why make more than one type? Because not all cutting jobs are the same – we carry different diameters and shapes of cutting line to accommodate the wide range of cutting scenarios you might find in your landscape.

Read all about the different trimmer lines below & be sure to ask one of our team members which trimmer line is right for your application.

Premium Round Line

This high-performance trimmer line is manufactured to fit all STIHL and competitive line trimmer heads. It is available in .065, .080, .095, .105 and .130 diameters and is specially formulated to prevent fraying and welding. It’s an excellent “multi-purpose” line, designed to hold up under a wide range of cutting conditions. We can help you choose the diameter that’s right for your trimming needs.


Quiet Line™

STIHL Quiet Line™ incorporates spiral grooves that greatly reduce wind noise. This trimmer line provides the same operation you would expect from premium round line, with the added feature of it’s quiet operation.



Stubborn weeds are no match for a STIHL trimmer with X-shaped trimmer line. Designed for resistant vegetation, X-Line features a unique shape that grabs hold of grass and weeds and cuts them clean. X-Line is also flexible over time and resistant to welding and high temperatures. Great for homeowners and professionals alike.


Poly-Cut Blades

This is a multi-purpose cutting tool with three thermoplastic blades that are ideal for hard-to-reach places and large areas of high-growing grass. The blades are mounted on bushings and extend when the engine is brought up to operating speed. The white thermoplastic blades are also ideal for trimming around monuments and other solid objects as they don’t mark the stone.

Metal Blades

Some applications demand more than traditional string can handle. We carry a full selection of metal brush & grass blades, scratcher tooth blades & chisel tooth blades. We also have the necessary adapters & parts for mounting these on select STIHL approved trimmers that these attachments are designed for.


Trimmer Line Storage Tip

To prolong the shelf life of your STIHL trimmer line, keep the line dry and out of direct sunlight. For best performance, buy fresh trimmer line at the beginning of the growing season.


Note: Not all cutting attachments/strings are approved for all STIHL trimmers – please refer to your operators manual to see what diameters of trimmer line & which cutting attachments are approved for your model of STIHL trimmer along with safe operation.