Storm Preparation Guide

You wake up and flip on the news only to see that a large thunderstorm or snowstorm is headed your way. This time of year, the storm systems can become quite strong with thunderstorms bringing large amounts of rain & high winds. The best way to lessen the impact & damages that you are susceptible to is to be prepared. Here are a few things to consider so that when the next storm hits, you are ready.

Tree Limbs

Fallen trees & limbs are definitely one of the leading causes of damage during a storm. Before a storm is even in the forecast, it is a good idea to take a routine look at the trees on your property & have them attended too. Safely maintaining trees is key, so be sure to consult the owners manual of your tools & use proper safety apparel. We carry many STIHL chainsaws, Pole Saws & safety apparel for your needs. If the job of maintaining these trees is out of your reach, then consider hiring a professional who can get the job done safely. Contact us & we can give you contact information for many reputable local professionals.


Power Failure

Power failures have been on the rise lately. More & more we are seeing storms take down our electricity & it taking upwards of 24 hours for it to come back on. Toronto  & the neighbouring community were hit very hard this past winter and experienced long power outages. Be prepared with a Briggs & Stratton Generator. We carry gas powered portable generators starting at 3500 watts, up to the 20kW Home-Standby Generator system powered by natural gas or propane. We even offer installation services for the Home-Standby systems. Be sure to consult the owners manual for safe procedures of running your generator. Carbon monoxide can kill & electricity presents a danger as well. Make sure you are running your generator in a well ventilated area. When not using your generator, we recommend using a fuel stabilizer and purchasing premium fuel to prevent ethanol related issues. Your generator isn’t going to be much good if it won’t start once the power goes out. Running your unit for 5-10 minutes once per month can also reduce the likelihood of this type of issue.


Stihl Wet/Dry Vacuums

Whether your mess is wet or dry, large or small, these wet/dry vacuums boast strong suction power and a high-efficiency filter and cleaning system requiring less maintenance. STIHL’s SE 122 works for cleanup on even the toughest jobs that demand the most.

After the storm has passed, be sure to check for  trees & hydro lines that may have fallen. Contact professionals to have the cleanup done efficiently & safely. Please remember that anytime you are operating outdoor power equipment to wear the proper protective apparel and follow the instructions in your instruction manual. Be safe out there!