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Philbrick Farm & Garden Equipment is located in Vineland Ontario Canada. We offer high quality outdoor power equipment sales & service from world leading brands such as Cub Cadet, STIHL, Toro & Yanmar. Serving homeowners, landscape contractors and farmers, we have the expertise and product to help you get the job done. Snowthrowers, Lawn Mowers, String Trimmers, Chainsaws, Tractors & more. We service everything we sell!

Products - Chainsaws



Electric Chainsaws

STIHL electric chainsaws come powered by wall outlet or by lithium ion battery in a cordless format. We have a wide selection of power depending on your application! All STIHL electric saws are equipped with STIHL’s inertia-activated chain brake.  

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Chainsaws for Property Maintenance

The STIHL line of occasional use, gas-powered chain saws fits the bill perfectly for the serious homeowner who prefers the features of a professional saw. Comfortable lightweight design, easy starting and excellent power, make a breeze of tasks such as cutting and trimming small trees. STIHL's Annual Wood-pro Sale is on now until November 30th 2017!

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Chainsaws for Professionals & Arborists

The powerful, professional STIHL chain saws are designed for heavy-duty cutting in extreme conditions. Their high engine power and relatively low weight make them ideal for use in dense stands, as well as for cutting hard wood. All these machines are equipped with a side access chain tensioner, Easystart system and STIHL high performance chain as standard features. STIHL's Annual Wood-pro Sale is on now until November 30th 2017 and it's a great time to get yourself a STIHL! 

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